Welcome! I respect you preventing by.

My Name is Siddharth.  Basically I’m a Delhi based photographer & cinematographer, a Mountain lover and a creative storyteller at heart. 




So, basically I’m a photographer by profession. I first started my
backpacking around uttrakhand when I was in 9th grade & that’s where I
discovered this photography passion in me. when I started I had only 1500rs in
my pocket and that was it. So I booked a dorm room bed inside old guest house
near Harshil valley and the adventure begin from there.

And the funny part is I love this adventure. I want to soak in the greater of the world, examine as lot as possible and meet new people as much as I can !!


The reason of this site is simple.
I want to use my personal experience to prove that long-term journey does no longer must be a loopy fantasy.

That’s the reason why I commenced this blog.
Through my own adventures – from the outstanding moments and profitable interactions to the struggles and main challenges – I goal to provide a sensible and sincere account of what finances backpacking is genuinely approximately and how you can be paintings on achieving such an aim yourself.

And if finance tour isn’t what you’re searching for, I’m confident that my experiences can help you with whatever sort of journey you’re looking to do. If you adore travel in general, you’re in the right place…and I want to help as pleasant I can!