MY Essential 6 things while travel (1)

MY Essential 6 things while travel

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A list of my essential items for travel

As a traveller, I get asked plenty about what journey items I can’t leave home without. I notion today I’ll answer that question as soon as and for all with this post. You’ll see that most items on this listing are tech gear and gadgets — I blame that on my work!

But except them, I don’t have a long list of essential tour items. I’m a low-maintenance traveller and I try as little as viable for each trip. I usually travel with a carry-on backpack only, whether or not I’m touring for a week or a month. In the past 6 years of travel, I’ve found out to downsize and journey with only things that are simply important to me.


Of all the travel gears my MI NOTE 7 PRO is most important item for me. For me it’s multifuctional as it works as personal computer, camera,notebook,clock etc. I use it to document notes from journeys and take photos; and when I’m online, I use it to share live updates on social media, test emails, chat with friends and family .



I never travel anywhere without my glasses whether i’m trekking on mountains or just going to any city . I am a person who  likes to explore, both at home city  and while traveling. Beyond practical purpose, sunglasses also are my favorite accessory. They make me appearance and feel better even if I’m on a camping trip and haven’t showered for days.



It’s easy to buy toiletries like shampoo, bath gel or toothbrush anywhere I go . And I discover a lip balm certainly beneficial whether or not I’m visiting a cold or a warm country. Yes you may get it in maximum CITIES, but no longer in the much less growing ones, which have a tendency to be where I normally opt to journey
I generally use small bag for toiletries to carry.



Honestly, I never used to tour with a primary resource kit until I got unwell a few times while travelingI
always make certain to have these medicines in my package: paracetamol, rehydration pills, Diamox for altitude
sickness, Compeed, band-aid, and Antihistamine for allergies. It’s
easy sufficient to put together a primary useful
resource package yourself..

travel lessons
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Thank god for the invention of PORTABLE battery chargers! I don’t even bother about battery anymore I’ve been capable of do greater work at the pass and I love now not having to continuously worry about charging my devices. This charger has a potential of 20000mAh and it holds enough energy to charge my phone 3-4 times. 


6. CANON 700D

Because photography is my basic thing and important component of what i do. I always travel with my DSLR to capture high 

resolution , quality image and as I am a big fan of canon I choose Canon 700d because of its afoordable price and its feature.

I also have a shoulder strap to carry the heavy camera on my shoulder when it’s not in the bag . To make sure I have enough space I have two sandisk pro sd cards : one 64gb and one 8gb



what's Your Essential Travel Items? comment down below !

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