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Prashar Lake Trek: How to Enjoy this Heaven in Just 2000 INR

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Prashar Lake is located 60km  north of Mandi and lies next to a three-storeyed pagoda-like temple. placed at  altitude of  2730 m, Prashar Lake is encircled by the attractive Dhauladhar ranges. In fact, you get a 180-degree view of the Dhauladhar, Kinnaur, and Pir Pinjal mountain ranges from here.

The pagoda-like temple next to the lake uses standard Himachali design and is devoted to sage Prashar. consistent with the locals, the temple was inbuilt the thirteenth century by a baby  single tree. it’s  said that this can be the place wherever sage Prashar accustomed meditate that is why this lake is taken into account quite sacred by the locals. however there are simply many of the various stories concerning this place that makes this lake thus mysterious to the travelers.

There is also atiny low floating island settled within the lake that moves round the lake. created from plant matter in several decomposition stages, the island floats because of the gas discharged by the plants’ roots. one in all the foremost attention-grabbing things regarding this place is that nobody is aware of the precise depth of this lake.

Why You Should Go to Prashar Lake?

One of the simpler treks, Prashar Lake trek is that the best thanks to enter the globe of mountains. And since there’s a motorable road connecting Baggi Village to Prashar, you’ll be able to additionally take the straightforward solution. however honestly, the trek is kind of straightforward .

Now, you would possibly ask why you should to attend Prashar Lake out of all the treks near delhi. Well, there are  some of reasons why you  visit Parasher lake.

Firstly, it’s beautiful ,stunning, pretty,an exquisite,an attractive, a good looking spot wherever you’re enclosed by gorgeous mountain ranges. On the whole trek, you’ll encountered with some unimaginable views which can build this 3-4 hour trek utterly worthwhile. And since not many of us still return to the present spot, you’ll be able to fancy some peace and quiet in addition.

Another reason why you should visit this place is that the night sky is totally amazi g here. On a transparent night, you’ll be able to see the stars and therefore the moon shine bright within the sky. So, if you’re fascinated by astrophotography or simply loving the night sky, then this is often undoubtedly a decent place to go to.

How to reach Prashar Lake

As I mentioned before, Prashar Lake is accessible by a motorable road. So, there are some waysby which  you’ll be able to reach here.

mandi valley

Reaching Mandi

For reaching Prashar Lake, you initially got to reach Mandi. And since Mandi is a  major hub in Himachal Pradesh, there are  many ways that to reach here.


Kalka is that the closest and major railroad terminal near Mandi. And it’s socially connected to many major cities in  India like , Chandigarh, Kolkata, and so on. So, you’ll simply take a train to the Kalka station that is around a 175kms from Mandi. But honestly, this is a long journey if you are coming from a distant location.


you’ll be able to reach Mandi by road in your own transport or e public transportation. There are buses from Shimla, Delhi, Chandigarh, etc. to Mandi often. There are  volvo and public HRTC buses accessible.

An ordinary bus from delhi to Mandi can value you around 550 – 580 rs whereas a Volvo can value you 1250 INR. If you decide on a personal bus from one among the bus booking apps, then you may cost   Volvo AC bus for 850 – 1000rs . It takes around 12hrs to reach Mandi from delhi by bus.

you can also  drive to Mandi in your own car. Mandi is around 140kms from Shimla,180kms  from Chandigarh, and 430 kms from  Delhi. So, you’ll be able to simply get pleasure from a road trip to Mandi from these and alternative near locations.


Mandi to Bagi Village

Once you’ve got reached Mandi, you would like to reach Bagi Village that is around 50kms away. It takes or so 2-2.5 hours to achieve this village. From Bagi village, Prashar lake is simply 10kms  by road and 5-6 kms via the forest route.

There are majorly 2 ways in which during which you’ll be able to reach the Bagi village: taxis and buses.


A taxi to Bagi Village can value somewhere around 1000rs  and can take around 2hrs hours to reach.  an honest choice if you’re in a groupyou can share the price.

After reaching Bagi village, you’ll be able to wait  for the bus to Prashar Lake otherwise you can trek through the forest route.


There also are buses for Bagi village which is able to take around three hours to succeed in and value close to 20-30rs. however the frequency of those buses is sort of low and there’s only one bus going each hour for Bagi.

So, if you’re short on time then this may not be the most effective choice for you.

Bagi Village to Prashar Lake

If you’re a trekking enthusiast then you’ll be able to do  trek from Bagi village to Prashar Lake. it’s a 5-6 kms trek through the forest path and can take around 3-4 hours to succeed in. The trek is usually straightforward with many steep ascents on the method. however you get to visualize attractive views and you’ll be able to additionally rest within the path.

So I suggest you to trek for better experience.


Best time to Visit Prashar Lake

Now you may ask what is the Parashar lake’s best time to visit Although Prashar Lake trek can be done  throughout the year, every season offers one thing distinctive to the trekkers. Below, we’ve mentioned what you’ll expect in every season here.

Summer Season (March – June)

If you’re making an attempt to get rid of heat then summer time could be a experience to go to Prashar Lake. The air is cool at this time  and you’ll enjoy camping here . however make sure  you carry a good amount water for the trek as you’ll be able to get simply dehydrated.

Monsoon Season (July – September)

Prashar may be visited all around the year however it’s particularly lovely simply when the monsoons and through the rain. If you’re wanting to pay it slow throughout the luxurious leafage, then we’d recommend you go simply at once when monsoons.

Do keep in mind that the path are muddy and slippery throughout rain . And there’ll be a great amount of leeches on the method. So, dress fittingly and wear correct trekking shoes.

Winter Season

Although the roads are closed from december to February because of snowfall, trekking continues to be potential.so it’s hard to do Parashar lake in winters However, you’d would like snow trekking instrumentation to do it .

And it might be knowing go along with a trekking company or an area guide because the entire route is roofed with snow. So, accidents square measure doubtless to occur if you aren’t careful.

parashar lake

Where to Stay in Prashar?

One of the well-liked choices for a keep close to Prashar Lake is to remain in tents.  you’ll be able to favor to get your own camp  otherwise you can rent a tent for the night here. The  tent can price you around 300 – 500rs per person here.

It gets very cold at nighttime in Prashar. So, if you’re obtaining your own tent, don’t forget to induce a heat bag and sleeping bag.

Legends and Stories of Prashar Lake

parashar temple


Popular legend regarding this place is concerning the formation of the lake. it’s said that Bheema, one in all the Pandavas, created this lake. consistent with the story, Pandavas were returning after the Kurukshetra war with Lord Kamrunag.

Lord Kamrunag fell crazy with this place therefore Bheema used his elbow to form a dent that is that the Prashar Lake. consistent with the locals, the lake is within the form of Bheema’s elbow that is why this region is understood as Kamru valley. and also the lake is additionally referred to as the Kamrunag lake.

Story Number 1

All the locals say that nobody is aware of the depth of this lake. Many people  have tried to seek out out the depth however all have failing. In fact, once many individuals came with all the measurement devices and a protracted rope however they still couldn’t understand the depth.

Story Number 2

The small island within the lake moves consistent with the climate. once it’s getting to be weather, it moves to the left aspect of the temple. And once it’s getting to be heat, it moves to the proper aspect. this can be what the locals believe however we tend to don’t have any proof for it.

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