Things To Pack For Your First Trek?

Things you need on your first trek.

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Things To Pack For Your First Trek?

If you’re reading this blog, it means you’ve switched to do out a special travels style, not like the stereotypic leisurely vacations! If you haven’t switched to trekking nonetheless, See Why you must proceed a trek right away! Packing for your initial trek as such is sort of totally different from your usual packing style. Firstly, remember, you’re needed to hold your bags in an exceedingly backpack for the whole trip, therefore the weight of what you’re carrying determines. however simply you’ll pull the path off. Secondly, be minimalistic! The adorer stuff you pack, the heavier your backpack are going to be.


Moderate-Weather Trek

  • Rucksack:A 20L to 30L Rucksack should suffice.  Brand I Use & Suggest / Product: Quechua, Wildcraft, NorthFace
  • Trekking Shoes: Your shoes will build or break your trek. don’t be stingy while shopping for one. searchfor comfy shoes, breathable material. and also the right size for you never settles for a borrowed one unless it’s the precise same size. Brand I Use & Suggest/ Product: Quechua, Wildcraft
trekking shoe
  • Water bottle (enough to store 2-3 litres) : While keeping your energy levels up, it’s necessary to stay yourself hydrated, there might not be stores or fresh natural sources on the path for you to refill. Carry water purifying tablets/ a transportable purifier-filter bottle to get on the safe facet.
water bottle
  • Torch Light : Normally, walking the paths is avoided when sunset, you’ll need a light supply for the night reside the site, to stop you from running into trees or fellow trek mates. Brand I Use & Suggest/ Product: Olight
  • Portable charger: Although, there are bleak probabilities of you obtaining any network. You’ll want a portable to keep that camera/ camera phone/ torch running.

  • Money : Even though a natural escapade has no stores or hawkers, carry comfortable money, and split and pack it into totally different pockets of your trousers/backpack. You will never recognize after you would possibly get to pay another person throughout unforeseen events.
  • Energy Gaining Food : After all the meals the trekking organization provides you, instant Energy foods/drinks are necessary. Carry glucose powder, energy bars, Dates, Dried Fruits, and sugar-candy to stay you going throughout the path.
energy gaining food
  • Raincoat+Bag cover: Notably, it’d get rain/snow in most trekking destinations in India, as most are either snow-clad peaks or rainforests. Most commercially out there Rucksacks are water repellent however not waterproof. You’ll either need a coat and a separate bag cover to stay yourself and your belongings from getting wet just in case there’s rain.

  • Extra clothes : Keep 1st  pair for walking the paths, enable it to soak up all the mud/dirt on the way. Keep 2d pair to own a clean set to vary too for a sound sleep. Modification back to try one for the next day’s path. Also, if you happen to urge drenched throughout rain or while crossing a stream etc, It’s continuously better to own a dry try of garments to vary into.

  • Lunchbox : Many organizations usually offer you “packed-lunch to eat throughout the trek, carry a lunch box to pack the same. At the site, you’ll be able to eat your meals at an equivalent. The tumbler is used for tea/ energy beverages or soups that also are usually served by most organizations. Few organizations offer you cutlery for the same, if mentioned beforehand, you would like not carry either of them.
  • A Light Sandal : It is a tedious job to tie and take off those heavy boots for each minute issue, whenever you’re needed to go out of your tent at the campground. Certainly, your regular trek shoes ought to fulfil, except for ease, carry a try of flip-flops to idle about.
flip flops
  • First Aid Kit (and your prescribed medicines): Basic wound dressing first aid kit, An antiseptic, cotton wool, etc.

  • Sunscreen/ Sunglasses: Most hikes happen in daylight, and trekkers tend to rest when sunset. This pertains to show you to a great deal of radiation throughout your hike. In spite of carrying hats, umbrellas, and eyeglasses, I suggest using sunscreen to protect you from tanning,
  • Towel, Toilet kit : Toilet Paper, Toothbrush, wet and dry tissues, and sanitizer. Traditionally, you’d not be bathing throughout the trek except natural streams throughout the path or waterbodies you’re allowed to swim in. Carry a Quick-dry microfiber towel to dry you up once a dip. don’t carry an everyday towel as they become very significant once wet, and are significant by themselves even once dry

High Altitude Trek

high altitude
  • Hiking Pole
  • Thermals
  • Gloves
  • Waterproof Gloves
  • Jacket
  • Diamox(For high-Altitude ,Consult your doctor before taking it )
  • Crampons: A sensible trekking shoe come with good grips, but, attentively to frozen surfaces, even the best of the shoes tend to slide. Crampons have metal studs to assist you maintain a higher grip.
  • Snow Goggles
  • Sunscreen


  1. Pack heavier things closer to the spine .
  2. Stick to the packing style you select to pack for your 1st trek, as this may assist you be versed in wherever you’ve what. You’ll not ought to pull out everything over and another time to seem for missing product. Keep a handy list to assist you keep in mind identical.
  3. Arrange all of your product such that things you’ll want at the camping site only, are packed farther away and things like snacks and tending kits with some way to quickly access. Raise a helper at the shop, where you purchased the backpack, to guide you regarding the precise uses of sure elastic ties and pocket sections within the bag. There are ties and clips for you to assemble your sleeping mat/bag, hiking pole, bottle nets, etc.
  4. Choose to wear wares trousers, and pocketed-outerwear, you’ll be able to distribute about one to a pair of kg weight of products across them. To place it otherwise, wear clothing that doubles as spaces for carrying your goods.
  5. In the End, remember the golden rule: Lighter the backpack, better your experience will be… 🙂

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